If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and mobility, a folding electric wheelchair will not disappoint. Instead of carrying around a heavy, traditional electric wheelchair, you can experience a fold-up wheelchair that’s smaller, more compact, and lighter. The Jazzy Passport is powered by a lighter and more efficient lithium-ion battery. The power chair is manufactured from materials that are both lightweight and durable. It even folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of any car. Todd W. loves his Passport; “Easy to use, lightweight, moves in small places, battery life, transports really easy.” This power chair also offers convenient storage and ample foot room. Rest assured you will travel in comfort.

Makes Strolling Easy

The Jazzy Passport is known for the smooth maneuverability that it offers. With a tight turning radius of 24.25”, it is possible to make sharp turns easily. The Passport features 3” ground clearance and 12” pneumatic rear tires which deliver superior performance when driving over uneven terrain. Our customer Hubert L.  says his Passport even “does well in grassy areas and inclines.”

Also, the large footplate gives ample space for feet, and the foam seat cushion and backrest offer comfort for those all-day outings. One of our valued customers, Larry, reviewed the Jazzy Passport and told us, “Well built and well crafted, folds to a nice size, compact and usable, fits in car trunk, and can be gate checked as you get on a plane”.

Easy Storage

You can store your valuable items- purse, wallet, shopping bags or packages under the seat in the spacious mesh pouch. There's even a back-seat pocket that provides additional storage easily. Also, there is a mesh cup holder that comes standard to hold your bottled water or coffee while you're out and about. Bill C. said his power chair gives, “me freedom”. We understand.

Here are enlisted some of the features of Jazzy Passport-

  • A compact and lightweight design makes traveling easy
  • Folds easily in a few simple steps
  • Additional back seat pocket for extra storage
  • Offers convenient storage bag, mesh cup holder and 40” lap belt
  • Large room for footrest to accommodate the user’s comfort
  • Specialty foam seat design for ultimate comfort
  • Available with air safe travel battery
  • 12” rear wheels for superior grip and comfortable riding
  • Lightweight and efficient lithium-ion battery
  • A sleek look.

Weighing a total of 61 lbs., this folding power chair has been specifically designed to make traveling a breeze! It allows you to navigate effortlessly through narrow hallways, crowded markets, and busy store aisles. In short, it is just perfect for all your daily activities.

Affordable Medical Equipment has been a reputable provider of a wide range of power chairs for years. The Jazzy line we offer is well-known for its quality. We have excellent customer service and aftermarket care. Please take time to visit us or explore our website at www.affordablemedicalusa.com