It becomes more difficult to maintain an active and independent lifestyle as we age. Moreover, living life independently is a herculean task for those who are facing mobility issues or have undergone certain kinds of hip or knee surgeries. In such scenarios, stair lifts are the best possible tools allowing physically challenged people to move up and down freely in homes. David M. said, “a good home stair lift is a wonderful solution for seniors with mobility issues who have trouble with steps.”

What are Stair Lifts?

Stair lifts are mobility devices comprising of two main parts: a track with a textured or toothed surface and a chair with wheels at its base and a motorized gear.

Tracks – In every stair lift system, tracks play an indispensable role. These tracks are available in the market in different shapes like straight tracks, curved tracks, etc. Depending upon their shapes and sizes the cost can vary.

Seats – The stair lift seats are the most important consideration of the stair lift system. Depending upon the mobility needs and comfort level, both padded and swivel seats are available in the market which can be customized further as per users’ requirements.

To prevent falls, the stair lift is well-equipped with advanced safety features like key locks, obstruction detector and seat-belts. Stair lift seat belts are an essential safety feature and must be worn. Most of the lifts feature electronic sensors that detect any obstruction on the stairs and stop the lift automatically to avoid any mishap. In order to prevent unauthorized usage of the lifts by children, the lifts have a lock feature. Most stair lift manufactures will have a 3 -5-year warranty with these mobility devices.

Different Kinds of Stair Lift Tracks

The Stair lift track is one factor which determines the positioning and overall cost of the device.  For residential purposes, straight, curved and outdoor tracks are the most sought-after.

Straight Tracks – The straight stair lift is the least expensive kind of tracks. They are not only easy to install but operate also. These tracks are ideal for straight staircases and travel straight up and down. The tracks are battery operated. Batteries need to be replaced every few years. These stair lift tracks are ideal for those people who face problems in moving from one level to another via stairs or are suffering from painful joints. The Legacy Elegance is one of the high-end straight stair lifts with advanced features like a comfortable and padded seat, caramel upholstered seat, classic seat belt, wireless seat control, obstruction audio beep notification, anodized aluminum frame and stationery arm rest.

Curved Stair lift – If the stair case in your house turns at any angle at any point, then curved stair tracks are your solution. Whether the stair case curves at the top, in the middle or at the bottom, these lifts move along the turn and make travelling stairs easy for limited mobility people. Because of the curved stair lift design, with bespoke curved rails, they are a bit more expensive than straight tracks. These lifts are difficult to install; thus, it is important to seek help from professionals to fit them adequately in homes. Like straight lift tracks, the chairs of curved lifts are also equipped with advanced safety features. For instance, the Hawle Custom Curved Lift is an ideal choice for safe movement between different floors. The tracks are suitable to use both indoors and outdoors and are equipped with safety features like footrest, emergency brake, seatbelts, and back panels with sensors. Easy to fit even in the narrowest of stairwells, these stair lifts feature a swivel automatic seat option with adjustable armrests and seat height.

The curved stair lifts are easy to customize with respect to upholstery, seat color and rail color. The upholstery options vary from vinyl to leather. Many companies offer as many as over 15 choices for upholstery color to users so that they can match the color with their home interiors.

Outdoor Lift – Either curved or straight, outdoor stair lifts are suitable for outdoor settings only. They are made to withstand the different vagaries of weather. They are rust-resistant and commonly used for transporting individuals to and from a deck, detached garage or porch. The foldable seat with power swivel option, a seat belt, lock and key are some of the features of outdoor lifts. Standing stair lifts are also available on the market, but demanded less than their counterparts.

So, if you feel independence is necessary for leading a peaceful life even as you get older, do not delay in installing either straight stair lifts or curved stair lifts in your house. Betty O said of her stair lift, “I have full access in my home and am thrilled”. It is important to evaluate your mobility needs and determine where you want to fit the tracks in the home properly before purchasing the tracks. Affordable Mobility Equipment deals in different kinds of stair lifts in different configurations and styles. Choose the one which you find the most suitable and we will come and install it in your home, garage, business or vacation property. Confused about which one is best for you?  We will walk you through options, needs and pricing to help you find your perfect stair lift.