Individuals with physical and mobility impairments may experience a loss of motor skill. They have restricted range of motion and sometimes are reluctant to attempt movement. It’s important to understand that being physically disabled doesn’t always result in dependency. Many people may require the right kind of equipment in order to complete daily tasks independently.

So, here is the all-new Jazzy Air, an exclusive range of power mobility. Whether at home or on the town, the unique feature of Jazzy Air will add convenience to your independence and social confidence. It elevates within seconds to the primary standing height position allowing easy and quicker access to your environment. Feliks T. said that “With (the) Jazzy Air 2 my father was able to return to life”.  What a great testament. This powerful and classic power chair will safely drive while elevated, enabling you to go out and socialize with others at walking speed.

Improved Performance

Other available models in the Jazzy Power Scooter line that we offer are- Jazzy 1450, Jazzy® 614 HD Heavy Duty Power Chair, Jazzy® Elite ES Portable, Jazzy® Elite ES-1, Jazzy® Elite ES, Jazzy® 600 ES, Jazzy Select® Elite, Jazzy Select® 6, Jazzy® Passport and Jazzy® Elite HD.

These are equipped with advanced and modern features like sturdy construction, front anti-tip wheels, large front wheels, height-adjustable seat with headrest, simple frame design, and more.

At the touch of a switch, the (Jazzy Air) power chair elevates 12” in just seconds. With a sleek, stylish and modern look, this power chair can safely drive while elevated, allowing users to enjoy social engagement. With features like the Active-Trac ATS suspension, the Jazzy Air® 2 offers enhanced performance and stability both indoors and out.

Elevate Your Life

The power chairs have a high-back or reclining sport seat. It has angle, height and depth adjustable armrest. The height of the headrest is adjustable. The lower seat-to-floor height enables a user to sit at standard table or desk. The power chairs can be raised and lowered in seconds by using the Air switch.

Additional features:

  • Drives securely and safely in the elevated position
  • Integrated foot platform with adjustment option for comfort in both the elevated and non-elevated positions
  • Bright LED marker lights offer clear visibility in all environments
  • Active-Trac® suspension Technology allows for maximum stability in the elevated and non-elevated positions
  • Easy-accessible under seat front storage compartment to keep your valuables

Why We Like It

The Jazzy Air Power Chair, decked out with great modern features, is the next generation elevated power chair to facilitate your moving independently and socially in confidence and style. The sleek, attractive design is perfectly suited for the range of Jazzy power chairs Affordable Medical Equipment has in their repertoire. Donna H. said she likes her Jazzy Air due to its’ “flexibility, ease of use, long battery life, great service”. We also love that the Jazzy Air comes in multiple eye-catching colors so you have ample options to choose a color that reflects your personality. Simply let us know what you need, and we are always ready to help you.

Getting to your desired height is convenient now with Jazzy Air power chairs. It also allows you participate in life as it’s happening. Now, when you head to a high-top table, you don’t have to wait to get to the table to raise the seat. With the ability to automatically raise and lower the seat while you’re in motion, the Jazzy Air enables you to comfortably participate in the present. When the seat is fully elevated, you enjoy your life to the fullest despite physical disabilities. You can socialize with your friends and loved ones face-to-face. Take time to explore the Jazzy range and then come see us at Affordable Medical Equipment. We will help put you in the power chair that’s just right for you.