Disability is just a state of mind. It’s not your inability, you can still live life your own way and fulfil your dreams. There are medical equipment that can help turn your life around for the better. You feel the core strength within your soul and live the way you want to freely and independently.

When you are empowered with the power of a mobility scooter, life would take a new turn. You won’t feel giving up any more and most crucially, you will have the choice to lead life your way. Let’s discuss about the sporty fold-flat scooter that has been designed for travel and cruises- The Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter GB120.

No matter your physical restrictions, the all-new Buzzaround Carry-On Scooter can take you anywhere! The fold-flat scooter disassembles into two pieces and folds up easily in seconds, making it one of the best models for travel or a day out on the town. Not only do folding mobility scooters help you expand your travel abilities, but they’re also very easy to use. They are sure to become the most popular scooter for airline travel!

If you are curious to know about the benefits of a folding mobility scooter, this post will help you give you a better understanding of how the carry-on scooter actually works and its benefits. At some point, these mobility scooters may be considered as travel size mobility scooters but they are designed with a unique approach in order to use them for a traveling purpose.

Checking the Benefits-

Fold-flat Mobility Scooter

Fold-flat mobility scooters aren’t meant for just any users. Most of these weigh less than 70 lbs making them the lightest scooters of the range to pick up and store away in your closet or car trunks. The Carry-On-Scooter is the lightest scooter with only 47.5 lbs.  It has 4- point carry handles for easy lifting. Because of the lightweight body frame, this scooter can only be ridden by people in a weight class of around 250 to 300 lbs, so buyers can verify whether their height and weight are compatible for proper performance and comfort.

Now because of the lightweight features, some consider folding mobility scooters to be similar to travel mobility scooters. This is certainly not true. The difference between them is very simple- while both are meant for traveling, travel mobility scooters disassemble into smaller parts when storing, while folding mobility scooters simply requires a button and they fold easily for travel and storage purposes. Due to their wheels being so close together, folding scooters can be turned around smoothly even at tight spaces.

Another great benefit of the Buzzaround Carryon GB120 is that the scooter comes with 15 AH Lithium-Ion Battery (6.0 LBS) with an 18 mile operating range. (Operating ranged based on 200 lbs). So not only are the batteries lighter, but they are also longer-lasting. Overall, the design of this foldable mobility scooter is all in all unique and different from the rest of the other scooters available online.

Flaunt Style and Convenience

Folding scooters are a wonder. You can drive them to work, travel or cruises, and store them as per your convenience. There are heights of conveniences when you have The GB 120 or Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter.

GB 120

Besides functionality, you are always spoiled by choices because they come in an array of color options. The scooter has a sporty 'on the go' look and a striking front and rear lighting package. It comes with a front carry handle, and a conveniently located USB port for charging your cell phone. The GB120 has an LED battery indicator on the console and comes in two color varieties: red and blue.  It is the lightest scooter in its class - only 47.5 lbs.  It has 4- point carry handles for easy lifting, two battery options- the 15 AH standard battery is 6lbs and the TSA optional travel battery is 3.8 lbs. The GB120 has an ultra-lightweight seat of 12lbs. Overall, it is a featured filled package that you would love flaunt driving in style.

Mobility scooters have become much more acceptable. These are an extension of yourself.  People take pride in these products and they feel as if they aren’t driving around on an old-fashioned disabled mobility aid"- Tim Ross.

So, what makes this folding mobility scooter so different? It is the feature, the excellence, the design and the light weightiness that are special with this model. Gold Technologies designed this model which is lightweight and that can fit into small spaces. This has made Buzzaround extremely convenient and compact, which you can store at any place– that’s how small it becomes when folded!

Mobility Scooter

Additional features like easy wireless disassembly, USB charger, and a built-in cup holder. So with the cup holder and arm bag, you’re ready for every shopping you plan!

A Name You Can Trust

On top of design, utility and other additional features, you have a brand name that you can trust attached to this mobility scooter. That is working behind it and ultimately makes a huge difference. There are other varieties of scooters in the market that claim to have warranties but many of them end up to be found nowhere when something needs to be fixed. The warranty provided by a manufacturer is only as good as the company that it gave.

Golden GB 120 Carry On

If you have read the usefulness and the excellence of the Golden GB 120 and want to have the Golden Technologies Carry On scooter, give us a call! At Affordable Medical Equipment we are there to assist you with your purchase. For a travel-friendly mobility scooter don’t look further than us. Give us a call today or browse our page for the Golden GB 120 Carry On!

Thus, to improve the quality of living and to add zest to the life, all you need is a mobility scooter. Freedom of movement can be regained with the ability to visit family and friends or travel around easily in comfort. You are all set to live an independent life with The Golden GB 120.