Getting around in day-to-day life is something we take for granted. Thresholds, curbs, stairs, obstructions, sidewalk grating, narrow passages- these are construction designs we walk around, over or through many times a day. For those who have some physical difficulties however- a threshold, curb or a few stairs can be huge barriers. We will discuss here the effectiveness of the Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift and how it simplifies the life of people with disabilities.

Vertical platform lifts, or VPL’s as they’re often referred to, are an excellent option when choosing an apt alternative to stairs for your porch, deck or garage. A VPL can empower people with disabilities to have easy access to buildings that provide education, employment, services, recreation and so much more. Learn how this mobility tool can give you the independence to come and go as you please.


A vertical platform lift is a mobility assistance aid that gives you easier access inside and outside of your home or office. Also known as porch lift, these devices can transport you and your  power wheelchair or mobility scooter from one level to another on a semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed platform. This is done automatically by simply depressing the attached button on the side of the unit. This gives you the accessibility to move in and out your home or office as needed, without any assistance.

Highlights of EZ- Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

There are numerous reasons why the EZ-Access Passport VPL is a great choice to have installed inside or outside your home. The EZ-Access Passport is the lightest, yet strongest VPL on the market today, capable of transporting 750 pounds and has a lift height of 14 feet. This makes it ideal for an upper or lower deck. It can be ordered with a straight or turn deck. Also, it comes with safety sensors at the bottom of the platform in order to avoid any kind of obstruction when lowering the lift.

An added advantage of the Passport is that it has a weather-resistant finish which will protect the texture and coating of the lift when there is inclement weather. It also provides a non-slip surface. An LED service panel makes trouble-shooting problems easier and typically quicker to resolve. If power goes out, you won’t have to worry, the EZ-Access Passport vertical platform lift comes with backup battery power in case of emergency. The vertical platform lift even comes with a two-year warranty, so you need not be skeptical in your purchase.

Vertical Platform Lift or Wheelchair Ramp

Worthwhile to mention, the vertical platform lift is best for small spaces compared to ramps. If you live in a place where there is not enough space to install a ramp, a vertical platform lift can be the best option since it only needs a 5’X5’ area to be installed. This plus the size, strength, ease of use, versatility and safety are why many people are choosing to install the EZ- Access Passport vertical platform lift instead of the alternatives.

How a vertical platform lift can help?

Remember, a disability is only disabling when it stops someone from getting access to what they want or need to do. A doctor can be just as proficient in a wheelchair, as long as he/she has got access to the clinic and the hospital, as well as to whatever material or equipment that are necessary for the job to be done. When special people with special needs are well accommodated with the right mobility options, their disabilities don’t limit their ability to fully participate in personal and professional life.