Have you ever thought about the freedom an electric power chair may offer to a loved one dealing with a mobility restriction? Not just in the home but taking your electric power wheelchair on an adventure off the main path? It's not hard but does require some homework to pick a mobility assistance that works for this situation. There are constantly new roads, parks, routes, various pavement widths, and other changes to the terrain. You will therefore require a multi-terrain electric power wheelchair that can handle difficult, different, or odd terrains.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to take your mobility aid to the next level and explore the countryside, or if you prefer a relaxed ride to the neighborhood park, Affordable Medical Equipment has a large selection of wheelchairs that are suitable for varied uses.

Why select an electric powered wheelchair?

Wheelchairs with motors and batteries are the best option for outdoor exploring. An electric power wheelchair can do and go just about anywhere, giving you more freedom to do what you want. This eliminates the need for a caregiver or friend to push you up steeper inclines, struggle with the weight of a frame, or deal with an uncomfortable design.

Made to order

More wheelchair options are now readily available, making it easier than ever to find a motorized wheelchair that suits a certain user's weight, height, and degree of handicap. In addition, a lot of wheelchairs allow users to change the height, recline, tilt, and leg room to discover and maintain their ideal level of comfort.

It is simple and enjoyable to operate the wheelchair thanks to an intuitive joystick. The integrated features of modern motorized wheelchairs also provide users with a stronger sense of control over their lives, which boosts their confidence all around.

Outdoor safety advice for seniors with limited mobility

Elderly persons frequently experience mobility issues. Helping a senior who is experiencing trouble coping with their limitations is important for both them and you.  Approaching their daily tasks in a way that will maintain their quality of life while keeping them safe and secure should be a top concern for you if you are that senior's family caregiver. As there are numerous things you can do to keep them safe while they deal with their mobility challenges inside their house, it's crucial that you also keep these concerns in mind when they go outdoors, if they do go outdoors. Going outdoors permits them to stay more active and take full advantage of their environment. This may be particularly delightful during the warmer months of the year when your family is getting ready to go out and spend time with friends and relatives.  The value of sunshine, fresh air and being outdoors is immensely important to both their health and their well-being.

Use the following advice to keep an elderly adult with limited mobility safe when outdoors:

Check that walkways are usable

For a senior with mobility issues, uneven terrain can be more difficult and even dangerous. Even a patch of grass that seems simple enough for you to walk on could lead to a slip or fall for your parent. Make sure that any outdoor areas, including the driveway, patio, garden, and any other area that your parents might wish to use, have accessible and secure routes. Make sure the walkways are straight, sturdy, and in good shape.

Offer a lot of shade

Elderly adults are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses because they have a harder time controlling their body temperature than younger adults do. They are also more likely to experience chronic dehydration. When they start to grow hot, an elderly adult with mobility issues may find it more challenging to move out of the sun or to a cool spot. Stay aware of where you are and the proximity of shade. For your senior citizens, a gazebo, sizable tent, or canopy makes an excellent cool space.

Take prescriptions seriously

Maintaining good general health may be the best approach to ensure your safety when participating in outdoor activities. That entails effective drug management for many elderly people. That indicates that your medication is current, arranged, and properly stored. Temperatures of 86 degrees can cause several drugs to break down. Verify any prescriptions that require refrigeration and inquire with your doctor if your drug can lose some of its potency when exposed to constant heat.

Safeguard entertainment

Outdoor activities throughout the summer can be some of the most enjoyable times your family spends together, but they can also be risky. Make sure that the outside activities you have planned for your parents are securely constructed. When not in use, keep games and toys out of the way and store them. Keep the hose wound up; do not let it extend across the lawn. If there is a pool, make sure it is adequately secured to prevent your parents from unintentionally falling in.

The perfect solution for outside use

There are electric power wheelchairs made specifically for outdoor use. However, you should always exercise caution and steer clear of any surfaces or environmental factors that can make wheelchair movement difficult.

Be very cautious around sandy surfaces. Slow your chair down; even a small amount of sand on a paved sidewalk might throw your wheelchair off balance, causing it to ‘whip’ around or jerk. Particularly with motorized wheelchairs, this might occur rapidly. Try to avoid the sandy area if at all possible, by moving around it to stop this from happening.  Deep sand is an absolute no-no.  Elect power wheelchairs were not designed to get across or through deep sand.  Additionally, trying to do so can damage your motors.

Avoid standing water and moist areas as well. These are, after all, electric vehicles.  They are full of wires, transistors, conductors, etc.  Your motorized wheelchair may become completely wet; meaning it could immediately stop, slide, spin, or cut off and on. Please try to skirt the area rather than step on the damp surface. If it's raining outside, best to get out of the rain as quickly and safely as possible.

Variety of Reasons

Mobility is a requirement for independent life, which can be extremely difficult for elderly people in care. Many residents desire to maintain their independence for a variety of reasons, which necessitates keeping up their mobility.

But people who require elderly care may become less mobile due to chronic health issues. Although residential assisted living options are available from senior home caregivers, they aren't always enough to meet the need. A person used to living independently might require more mobility.

An electric wheelchair can really a game-changer in this situation. Senior caretakers can assist in choosing a quality electric wheelchair and may even be able to make one's home more wheelchair-accessible.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Use

An electric wheelchair that will be used outside more frequently should really have larger wheels and a suspension system.  This will deliver a better riding experience over uneven or rough ground.  The flip side, however, is that this can make the chair too heavy or too big to fit in certain of your home's smaller locations. Therefore, the chairs you will want to consider will depend on how you want to utilize your chair.

A group of electric mobility devices with outstanding mobility and dependability

The Electric Power Wheelchairs that Affordable Medical Equipment carries have exceptional mobility and dependability.  Some of our electric power wheelchairs have a compactness that allows access to virtually any room.  Additionally, these smaller units either fold for easy transport or have quick and easy disassembly. The mid to large-sized power wheelchairs feature remarkable technological improvements and are made to accommodate a range of daily needs and situations, even in confined locations. Additionally, these electric wheelchairs are easy to transport, giving riders confidence while traveling.

All of this product family's fantastic features include numerous adjustability choices for a comfortable fit according to the user's preferences. These devices' utility can be increased even further thanks to the variety of colors and accessories offered for some models. These wheelchairs are also simple to set up, maintain, and use, making them useful for both users and those who maintain the chairs.

People with disabilities or limited mobility should have access to all the activities they would like to participate. The best solutions should be used when a person's limited mobility makes it difficult for them to participate in social activities. An electric wheelchair makes it simpler for persons with disabilities to partake in social activities like attending parties, the movies, or taking a stroll around the park. Thanks to motorized technology, self-driving is easy, economical, and straightforward.

Ability to take care

If your parents' needs, limitations, and challenges have become greater than you feel you can manage effectively and efficiently; if your schedule has changed and you are no longer able to visit them as frequently as you would like to; or if you simply believe that they would benefit from varied attention during their later years, now might be the ideal time to start thinking about beginning home care for your parents. Your older loved one can have a caregiver visit them at home on a schedule that is suitable for both your ability to care for them and their particular needs and restrictions. This means that can support your loved ones while they age in place and maintain their safety, happiness, health, and comfort.   This provides your loved one the opportunity to still pursue a lifestyle that is as active, engaged, independent, and meaningful as possible.

Providers such as Affordable Medical Equipment and their Electric Power Wheelchair line can ease your caregiver burden and enhance the quality of life for both you and your elderly parent. We have a large selection to choose from; offering them comfort and giving you great peace of mind that they are receiving what they need even when you are unable to be with them.