If you could have something that would make your life a little more comfortable and easier, what would it be? For those with mobility issues, a great little power chair would probably be in the top five. A good power chair increases your mobility, gives you back a lot of your independence and frankly, enhances your self-esteem.

Love Travelling? 

The days of lagging behind due to disability are over.  On the streets, in the market, in the museum, the restaurants, and on the trains, you see more and more wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes. Even airlines today (finally) realize the importance of making it easier for those with disabilities to travel.

Anyone with an adventurous spirit can take advantage of the Ez- Go Travel Power Chair, a compact power chair especially for those with the love of travel. Ease of travel is exactly why Charles B. bought his!  “Great for travel. Narrow profile. Light enough to lift.”

When you're on a vacation, you want a reliable mobility scooter to accompany you, one that is easy to maneuver and simple to operate. The good news is that selecting the one that makes traveling easy, the EZ-Go Compact Power Wheelchair, can be sourced from Affordable Medical Equipment at budget-friendly deal. We also do rentals for your vacation needs!

Reason to Choose

  • This ideal travel chair is often recommended because of its affordability. When you love traveling and want to get around without spending your entire bank account, the Ez-Go Travel Power Chair is a great option.
  • Another important feature of this power chair is the compactness and weight. It is lightweight enough to take with you on the go.  In fact, these are easy scooters to utilize for many purposes.
  • Ease of assembly is another important feature of the Ez-Go Travel power chair. Sometimes being on the go means you want your power chair with you! With easy assembly and disassembly, the device can be folded and unfolded easily when you reach your destination. Romy S said of his EZ-Go chair, “Great speed, turning radius, and I love the fact that it comes apart.”
  • The design of Ez-Go Travel power chair is strong and sturdy. You will feel secure in the seat of this power chair and also have a comfortable ride as long as you need to get around. Valerie A. said, “(it) has a small footprint. It is narrow in width making it easy to maneuver narrow halls. The back is low and very comfortable.”

Whether you have questions about the perfect mobility device for travel or you want to ask questions about how to get the most out of the investment, you’ll find us ready to assist you all the way. We also rent scooters and power chairs. Contact us today to discuss your mobility needs.