The stark truth is, unless you are wheelchair bound, it’s impossible to know how it feels and impacts every aspect of your life. One of our Jazzy power wheelchair users shared the following with us - “Growing up spending all the time in a wheelchair has its struggles and difficulties. There have been those times when hurdles were everywhere, hurdles that seemed impossible for me to overcome, but I did. I am grateful for a power wheelchair that empowers me to see life beyond the wheelchair and that life is your own creation. Unlike a traditional manual wheelchair, the power wheelchair gives me the ability to get around with enhanced ease of use and comfort.”

Indeed, when your life is confined to a wheelchair, things are very different. There’s just some places and things that are off-limits. But a Jazzy Power wheelchair changes all of that.  It’s a mobile and comfortable device that helps you open new doors, new avenues and unlimited possibilities. Imagine getting around outdoors- trails, parks, ballfields and so much more. It’s a perfect combination of comfort with speed that makes trips in and around the neighborhood fun! But you may be surprised to learn that power wheelchairs are a great choice for those who are looking for mobility within their own homes.

Here’s why:

Best Turning Radius – Jazzy power wheelchairs are not only everything described above but they also have an award-winning turn radius. Whether you’re in your home or in the theatre, the ability to be quick and nimble is so easy. In your home the Jazzy power wheelchair can get you around the tightest corners or sharp turns in your hallway. In the store you can easily navigate between shopping carts, between aisles, and sharp corners.

Power Wheelchairs Are Automatic- Power wheelchairs are geared to have a tight turning radius and are highly responsive to your commands. New users are often surprised at the responsiveness and sensitivity of the controller knob. It won’t be long before you realize that you don’t even think about moving your hand to direct the chair, it just happens! Brakes are automatic as well so If you have pets and other individuals sharing your home space, a power wheelchair will be your ideal option for accident-free movement.

Easy to Take on Public Transportation- Boarding public transportation in a power wheelchair is more convenient than other powered devices. Moreover, the power wheelchair provides safe and reliable transportation in a moving vehicle with its 4-point tie-down feature. This ensures easy mobility even on rough areas.

Being disabled does not have to prevent you from doing things and going places. Mobility devices allow you to push limits, express yourself and discover complete independence. At Affordable Medical Equipment  we do all that we can to help you discover a ‘no-limits’ lifestyle.

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