You make your house a home. Maybe you have spent the best part of your life there or made some incredible memories to last for a lifetime. Through good and bad, whatever life brings, you have always had your home. As you age and things unexpectedly change, especially regarding your health or mobility, you may be worried about the prospect of moving. Whether you have disabilities or other difficulties, scientific innovations and improvements in technology have made things easier and have enabled individual’s accessibility and independence. Luckily, there are plenty of resources and reasons to stay in the home you love.

Safety rails, ramps, chairlifts, and stairlifts are undoubtedly excellent mobility aids. People may not understand the importance of going up and down the stairs freely or have difficulties in understanding the significance. Stairlifts can add convenience to an individual’s life by increasing stability and bringing lifesaving protection from hazardous falls or accidents. Many people can enjoy their freedom and become more flexible with the aid of stairlifts.

Stairlift Installation at Home

There are many questions that people have related to the installation of a stairlift and as the equipment represents a financial investment, it is best to have all the knowledge before making a commitment.

An expert from our team will perform a survey of your staircase and will share their insight, ideas, and recommendations on the right model of stairlift for you. Affordable Medical Equipment offers the curved and straight stairlift; indoor and outdoor. If you are figuring out which option best suits you, start looking at where your lift will be located, the configuration of your steps, and the shape of the staircase. To find out which might be right for you, contact us for consultation!

Features to Consider

Adding a stairlift could make a huge difference in the quality of life, but making the right choice comes down to a few deciding factors-

Pilot Straight Stair Lift

  • The most important is the safety feature. A proper stairlift should come with a seat belt, obstruction sensors, and a slow-moving speed. When finding the one for you, search for features like a diagnostic display, remote control to call your stairlift to you, and maybe even a backup battery so your stairlift will always be running smoothly in case of power loss. Our Pilot Straight Stair Lift has all the features that ensure your stairlift ride is safe every time.

SL300 Straight Stairlift

  • Easy-to-operate stairlifts are recommended for those challenged with staircases. The SL300 Straight Stairlift is the most compact folded width stairlift. Its patented helical worm gear drive system ensures 40 trips up and down without fear of power loss. Moreover, the nylon polymer gear rack ensures a smooth ride. Another feature of the Pinnacle SL 300 straight stairlift is the folding rail option. This is a space saver and allows other people to pass easily.

Handicare 1100

  • It is true, all stairlifts are not created the same. Some lifts are made with next-generation technology and slim design. The Handicare 1100 has an ultra-streamlined design that takes less space on your stairs and a Patented Multi-Drive System that ensures safe and continuous operation without failure. With Patented Multi-Drive Friction Technology, you have four motors to transport you safely. This means no downtime because of mechanical failure. Motors are redundant to ensure continuous and safe operation.

Stairlifts Provide You Independence at Your Own Home

A senior citizen and Affordable Medical Equipment client named George was dealing with mobility and balance issues, until he and his family learned about stairlifts. After consultation they had a lift installed by Affordable Medical Equipment.

George’s restricted mobility was preventing him from being able to use the stairs and get to his bedroom on the second floor. This meant he remained on the first level of his home, not an ideal situation. He was in a rehab facility for several months, and his family had a concern about the problems faced by the stairs up to the second floor. Finally, he and his family decided something needed to be done so that he could have independence on returning home. His family wanted them to be together on the second floor level again, and this led them to identify the effectiveness of a stairlift.

For George, the installation added a meaning to his life. The curved stairlift was the answer for he and his family. The most important benefit was the excitement of renewed independence that it provided after a long time. "It's a blessing in disguise. You just get on and you are up there.  It gave me pleasure to see the second floor again," George said. It led him to gain confidence and feel his house as "home" again.

Using the stairlift, George is now able to safely navigate on his own. There are walkers at both the top and bottom landing of the stairs. This ensures that he can safely get off the chair and go where he needs to throughout the day.

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

When it comes to buying or renting a stairlift, your first thought might be how much it will cost. Well, it is no secret that the expense may be high, but it is worth the investment. Depending on your needs you may require a curved, custom-made stairlift, or just a straight one. The fact is that a number of variables will affect the cost. These variables include-

  • Does your home have curved or straight stairs?
  • Do you want to add custom features to the stairlift?
  • Do you want to buy a new or a reconditioned one?

To ensure you get the most appropriate stairlift installed at home at the most cost-effective price, it is recommended you obtain quotes from several companies. Remember, it is for your health and safety, so the cheapest isn’t always best.

Time Required for Installing a Stairlift  

The installation process should not take more than 1 to 5 hours. Based on your requirement and type of stairlift the time may vary. The assembly done by the professionals at Affordable Medical Equipment takes a relatively short period of time, but again, safety is given an utmost priority. The lifts are inspected for safety and once installed in your home, our technicians go through a rigorous inspection to ensure the rail and carriage are operating safely and exceed our stringent safety standards.

Finally, when the stairlift is installed and it is fully operational, our technician will ensure each and every aspect of the chair is working properly. They will train you to make the lift entirely familiar of all its operational needs, and safety. The technician will stay until you have made enough progress and is confident in your ability to use the lift.

Maintenance for Your Stairlift

Annual service is recommended on your stairlift to keep it running like new. Annual maintenance will ensure the reliability that it will last for many years to come. In the unlikely event that you have an issue or technical problem, there is always a professional to assist you.

Purchasing and installing Affordable Medical Equipment stairlifts is a perfect way to regain freedom to your whole home again. With a variety of models, a simple installation process, friendly technicians, and a supportive customer service team, you will be on the track to a new level of freedom.

Contact us today to learn more about our stairlifts or to schedule a consultation. It may be the solution to regaining independence at home for you or your family.