Maybe you’ve never heard of a bath lift?  A bath lift is a battery-operated lift that allows those with injury or limited mobility the ability to bathe. It’s a seat with ‘wings’ that allow you to transfer safely from a wheelchair or transport chair over to the bath seat. With an easy two button remote you lower yourself gently into the tub to within two inches of the bottom. When you’re finished, press the button and raise yourself back up.

Yes, having the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing bath is something everyone would love to do independently. Like Carol M says, my bath seat “works wonders to help maintain a standard for being able to bathe daily.” With age, mobility issues can make it challenging to take a bath. Moving up and down can be a real struggle, especially in the confines of a slippery bathtub. If enjoying a bath without spending a fortune for an expensive bathroom makeover sounds good to you, consider a bath lift instead.

In this blog we explore 5 amazing benefits of installing bath lifts into your home:

Regain Your Independence

One of the benefits of bath lifts is that they provide a greater level of convenience and independence. It makes getting in and out of the bath tub an effortless experience for elderly individuals and those with limited mobility. “This product is durable, easy to use, and lifts into the tub. It gives more independence to the user, “says Nancy W.

It is also the cost-effective alternative to expensive gadgets or bathroom renovation which can run in the thousands of dollars. A bath lift eliminates the need for expensive bathroom alterations by installing directly onto your bath. Furthermore, it can also be easily removed, allowing conventional bath use by others. Margo N. pointed out that what she likes is the fact that it’s “easy and light to transport.”

Provides Safety

When you consider bath lifts, there’s no need to worry about safety. Bath lifts gently and safely lower you in and out of the bathtub. This allows you to have a relaxing bath without the worry about getting in and out. Additionally, certain models also come with a non-slip transfer seat, thus ensuring further safety when using your bath.

Easy to Use

Bath lifts from Affordable Medical Equipment  take, on average, an hour or less to install and are exceptionally easy to use for all. Our customer Thomas C. said just that; “Easy assembly and installation”. The lift can be easily controlled using a hand-held unit. This means that you have access to the control when getting in or out of your bath.

Provide a Level of Comfort

Seriously, what can be a better feeling than submerging yourself into a relaxing bath! Bath lifts let you enjoy full depth bathing. A walk-in bath may keep you waiting until all the water has drained. This can be uncomfortable and you often have to sit upright. But a bath lift provides a next level of comfort as you can enjoy bathing your own way. You can lie back and soak your muscles in a warm bath, getting out at your leisure. “I have a physical disability and my bath lift makes it easy to get in and out of the tub,” according to Ruby O.

For more information please visit our bath safety section. Alternatively, if you need assistance on which bath lift to purchase, then please seek the advice of our expert team at Affordable Medical Equipment and get the most suitable option to meet your needs.