If you are considering a knee replacement then you probably already know that the technology, procedure and rehabilitation have come a long way in recent years. Being in this business brings a lot of familiarity to procedures, surgeries, and the various tools that aid in recovery. But when you have a surgery yourself – you become a certified expert on various recovery methods and tools that can make life so much easier!

Four weeks ago I had a total knee replacement. So far it has been a positive experience. But I was surprised at the medical equipment I needed while recuperating at home. People that had the surgery in the past had some good recommendations. My orthopedic team had other suggestions. Neither were totally correct. In the case of the latter many people had only minimal equipment to help them. The latter recommended I have everything including the kitchen sink!  (I love my ortho team by the way.) A blog that would help make it easy for others in the future seemed like a good idea.

Immediately following surgery, you can’t lift your leg for several days to a week or more. A leg lift device is a cheap and easy solution. A firm, polyester strap with an adjustable foot-fitting piece on the end allows you to lift your leg into bed, a car, a tub, etc. A toilet riser is a must have. Here at the store we recommend 3.5”. Next you will need a bath stool or chair. I would recommend either one with a back only (no extended or rising handles), or, if you must have handles then you will need a rotating seat.  Some tubs are too small to accommodate a bath seat in which case you would probably want to consider a transfer bench. An ice machine, though highly recommended, can be substituted by bags of frozen peas or ice bags. Finally, if you do not have any non-slip surfaces in the tub or shower floor, you’ll need to get a mat or adhesive strips.

You will need a two-wheel walker. Here’s a hint that you probably won’t find anywhere else.  Reverse the front legs so that the wheels are inside the walker instead of outside. It will save you at least 4” on the width of the walker making it much easier to get through tighter doorways. You’re going to need a cane also so find one you like and remember when adjusting the height that you don’t want more than 15-20 degrees of bend in your elbow when using. Here’s another bonus tip you will only find here – get a ‘scratcher’ with a telescopic extension. You’ll be thanking me later!

One more thing I would recommend. I wish I had done it. Rent a recliner/lift chair. Getting out of a standard chair puts all the stress on your good knee. In my case, my ‘good’ knee isn’t a whole lot better than the one replaced. I could literally hear as well as feel the stress on my knee. A lift chair is going to stand you almost straight up. You walk out of the chair – no stress. And a rental is very affordable!

Following the game plan and you’re spending less than $500. That is nothing compared to that new $75,000 knee you have! It’s a small investment that you will truly appreciate.

At Affordable Medical Equipment we have all these supplies and much more. Everyone is not the same, so we have all those niche products to fit your exact needs. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary time and putting in the effort to satisfy you. After all, it is our customers that have made us successful for 14 years.