Vacations are back!! People are flocking to the beaches, the mountains, our great National Park systems, theme parks and more. Families are reuniting after prolonged absences.   Friends are picking up where they left off with their annual get-togethers. Nothing is better for the soul. Studies over the last several years have all proven that we may feel stressed when we do not take a break from regular life. Vacations are important and we are not talking about ‘staycations’ or taking your work with you. In addition, the benefits of taking a vacation are many- it improves productivity, lowers stress, and helps develop better mental health.

But a vacation does not need to be so extensive. It can be as simple as going somewhere that is different from your daily life. This may be a visit to a park, a short drive from home, an extended road trip, or just a visit to the next town over. This will provide you with an experience that leaves you re-energized, and you do not have to take a long trip or spend lots of money to do it.

If mobility hampers your ability to get to the great outdoors, let us introduce you to the all-new Pride Wrangler. The Pride Wrangler is a robust, rugged, built to last, outdoor scooter that leads the pack! Equipped with front and rear suspension, this strong-built aggressive scooter is designed for short trips or driving around your property. It has a top speed of 11.4 mph and a jaw-dropping range of up to 29 miles! You can take it in the woods with its best in class 5.5” ground clearance. You can even drive at night with its long-range full LED lighting package. Dual hydraulic brakes provide solid braking and a large, solid frame provides additional safety. The Pride Wrangler lets you embrace life you want to live - spending time outdoors and creating memories.

Wrangler for Outdoors

Wrangler for Outdoors

When you are looking for a functional mobility scooter for your short travel needs, you want it to be well-built and with the highest ground clearance, a comfortable seat, and a good suspension. The Pride Wrangler scooter is simply the best as it is comparatively much larger than any typical mobility scooter. Its size, weight and capability help give them the stability they need to take you off road safely. With its Comfort-trac suspension and adjustable shocks, the Wrangler can cover roads and terrains that other scooters cannot. This is what sets it apart.

All-New Wrangler

It is built with all the features and benefits that people would love to own. The scooter features large air-filled tires of 14.5”, good suspension and a high ground clearance of 5.5”. These additional features make Wrangler a market favorite. Take a ride on the all-new Wrangler and you will experience a smooth ride over rough terrain and a good experience over curbs. For additional safety on road, the Wrangler has been designed with dual hydraulic brakes and bright LED headlights.

Why People Like it?

The Wrangler is not just meant for outdoor accessibility, it also is crafted for your personal comfort. The 18.5” x 16.5” seat has a high back, semi-recline backrest, adjustable headrest, pillow-top seat, and backrest and, lumbar support. All this makes for a well-cushioned, exceptionally comfortable ride. One can easily adjust the angle of the tiller using a lever on the handle. A USB charger on the tiller makes it easy for your cell phone and other portable devices to charge on the go. An XLR charging port is also installed making charging the batteries of the scooter easy. The twin motors provide good speed and good range.

Pride Wrangler

The Pride Wrangler is the real transportation machine for those with a mobility issue. Moreover, you will attract a lot of attention because of the look and features. In addition, this scooter features a user-friendly console that displays speed, battery, temperature, time, miles driven and trips taken. The Wrangler features a large and convenient storage compartment under the tiller that will store all your goods.

“I may consider the all-new Wrangler as the Rolls Royce of electric mobility scooters. I live in the Mountains of Southern California. My scooter performs well on inclines and gives me a ride without any complaints! The vehicle takes me out into the community providing me independence and freedom of movement”, Joseph B.

Ordering Online

When you order online, the product will be delivered in 4 boxes- the scooter, the seat and two batteries. You may require some help to assemble the scooter. Refer to videos for unboxing instructions. You can always call for assistance from Affordable Medical Equipment to get things done right.

Your scooter purchase comes with warranty including 12 months of free in-home service. You can extend your service plan to 2 or 3 years for an additional charge. If you experience a problem with your scooter, simply call us to arrange for a technician to visit your place for diagnosis and repair. You can also visit our store and take a test ride before you make a purchase. Our customer assistance team will be happy to assist you with your needs.

Take Your Scooter and Go

No longer will you be restricted to home! With your all-new Wrangler, you can explore new places, traverse areas that may have been off-limits, find new areas to relax, and enjoy new freedoms. Gavin E. said, “have 1 and live east coast Aust. The best money can buy; bulletproof”. That is a strong recommendation! Research shows that going out and spending time in nature benefits us both physically and mentally. This can be a visit to a national park or an urban park or a state park. As little as two to three hours in nature per week has immense benefits. When you are staying home, make spending time outdoors part of your weekly outings, whether it is taking a morning drive, watching the waves crash at the beach or strolling in a small park. Being outside also boosts your confidence. In other words, the Wrangler is the perfect mobility scooter to embrace life in the great outdoors!