The Vision Sport power chair by Merits Health is a mid-wheel drive chair that delivers an uncompromising style in a formidable power wheelchair. There are a lot of things to love about this mid-wheel drive from Affordable Medical Equipment. The Vision Sport has an impressive drive range, a patented articulating suspension system, big solid 10” drive wheels, and a very stylish and comfortable captain’s seat.

The Vision Sport has an impressive driving range of up to 18 miles and will comfortably seat an individual up to 300 pounds. The six-wheel design provides for unsurpassed riding stability. It provides for a lower center of gravity, always allowing the rider to feel a real sense of control. The articulating suspension system allows the front wheels to climb a small step while the rear wheels provide positive traction. It has a turning radius of a mere 20”. This is best in class for a power wheelchair. All these factors ultimately mean one thing - one of the smoothest rides you will get in a power wheelchair. A power elevating seat option is available. The optional power elevating seat can raise you from a base height of 22" all the way up to 29.5".  The Vision Sport from Merits Health is a chair that you can genuinely enjoy for years to come!

What Makes This Different

A mid-wheel drive powerchair offers best-in-class maneuverability and the smallest turning radius. Getting around tight corners and confined spaces is a cinch. Because of the low center of gravity, the wide six-wheel spread on the Vision Sport, and the fact it is a mid-wheel drive, the user gets the most comfortable ride available in a power wheelchair. With its beautiful stitching and style, the captain’s seat is matchless. The seat has an adjustable recline and the arms are both height and width adjustable. The big and craggy 10” wheels are solid foam and perform very well in almost any terrain. And heck, it is just a great-looking powerchair!

Why We Like It

The Vision Sport is an all-around fantastic chair and Affordable Medical Equipment has a great price on it. It has so many wonderful features and benefits. The Vision Sport is absolutely one of our faves. And if you really want to stand out, you can purchase additional shroud covers in a range of colors. If Affordable Medical Equipment recommends it, you can be assured it is a product of quality and affordability. Come see us today or call us at 803-926-1493.