Mobility solutions have come a long way in the past few years.  It wasn’t that long ago that a ‘recliner’ meant a chair that you manually pull a wooden lever to recline; push the wooden lever forward to bring the chair forward.  Of course, the ‘lift’ feature wasn’t around yet, nor were multiple positions available. If you needed to get your toes above your heart you yanked on that wooden handle, stuffed pillows under your feet and then forced the back of the chair back to a somewhat flat position. What work! Of course, recliners today feature electric recliner and lift functions and can be used by anyone of any age to help heal, strengthen, relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Many of today’s recliner/lift chairs will feature multiple positions or infinite positioning, a Trendelenburg position, heat and/or vibration and multiple programmable positions.


Hospital beds didn’t fare any better. They required a lot of manual cranking. Caregivers had to be strong to raise the head or feet or the height of the bed. The beds were made of steel and thus extremely heavy. They weren’t very portable, and they had a look of confinement about them rather than comfort and healing. Hospital beds today still use much of the old ideas but are loaded with technology that adjusts moving and makes comfort far superior. Hospital beds come in a wide array of designs, colors, features, different types of mattresses and functions today. There is a whole industry of adjunct pieces that you can purchase to enhance the functionality of your hospital bed.

Hospital Beds

The next generation of mobility, in the bedroom at least, will be combining the functionality of a hospital bed with the benefits of a lift chair. Well, that day is here with the all-new Independence Bed. The Independence Bed is a unique bed design that allows you to sleep, sit and stand via remote control. The bed is a first-of-kind in the arena of total sleep care. Historically the only way to accomplish what the Independence Bed accomplishes was via a patient lift. The caregiver would place a sling underneath the client in the bed, attach the sling to the patient lift and then the caregiver would raise the client and roll them to the chair, toilet, table or whatever the case. If it was a manual patient lift the caregiver had to pump the system to raise the client. This was hard and exhausting work. No longer are patient lifts necessary to get a mobility-challenged individual out of the bed! The Independence Bed is 38” wide and 80” long. The mattress sits 26” above the floor and the measurement to the top of the rails at 35”. It runs on standard 110V, 25amp household wiring.  In addition, the Independence Bed comes with two USB ports, one on each side. It is not unusual today to see the elderly using an iPhone or using a tablet. Now they can keep all their devices charged – right from the bed!  Many customers ask us about bed placement. Bear in mind that the bed rotates 90 degrees so plan on at least 20” of clearance from the nearest wall. Beyond that just think of it as an ordinary full twin bed.

The Independence Bed provides a superb sleeping surface, easily and comfortably raises the feet well above the heart, raises the back for reading and television watching or talking with others. Getting the feet above the heart is important to help with the shortcomings of poor circulation, endema, swelling and energy. When this is done on a regular basis clients can walk longer, feel better and have more energy. Raising the back allows clients to experience the day, talk and share with others, read, play on the computer, paint or whatever they choose to do. The Independence Bed comes with side rails on each side that can easily and quietly be lowered. In addition, each rail has a soft full cushion along the top to facilitate easier grabbing as well as soften any blow should you strike it with your arm, hand, or head.

CMT001 The Independence Bed

What truly makes the Independence Bed different though is when it transforms itself from a bed to a lift chair! The Independence Bed can rotate to the right or the left. This is set up at the time of installation. As the rotating action is initiated a lamp illuminates below the bed to light the floor area. This provides an additional level of safety as well as security. Once the bed has completed its 90-degree rotation and locks in place, the leg portion of the bed begins to lower all the way to the ground. Once reaching the ground and stopping, the bed will begin the process of raising the seat and back – just like a lift chair. The bed lifts and stops. With the knees extended beyond 45 degrees at this point, exit is easy and effortless. The Independence Bed is as much revolutionary as it is necessary. That big and awkward patient lift can be stored away now, freeing up so much room in the house.

Mattresses and foam have come to play as big a part in the hospital bed and recliner experience as any other component. Thinking back to years gone by foam was the standard in both bed and chair. The foam didn’t support the subtle nuances of your body, was not comfortable, and after time just wore out. The Independence Bed comes with a premium foam memory mattress. This mattress has 3 inches of premium cool gel memory foam at the top of the mattress which transitions to a thick layer of high-density supportive polyurethane foam at the base. The total mattress thickness is 10”. The special design not only provides superior sleep but also supports you well in lifting you to the standing position. The mattress system is made of 99% polyurethane and 1% spandex and supports up to 500lbs. In other words, you have a sleeping and sitting surface that stays cool, conforms to you and your body, and springs back once you get up. Therefore, you have night after night of sleeping on a supple and cozy mattress. Every night will be a new night of sleep and that is the best sign of a quality mattress.

The Bed That Lifts You

When it comes to maintenance and care the Independence Bed it is as carefree on upkeep as it is on comfort. It has been manufactured to the highest engineering standards, installed by the trained professionals of Affordable Medical Equipment, and thus requires no maintenance on the customers’ behalf.  Our staff is just a phone call or email away to answer any questions or address any difficulties with your Independence Bed.

The Independence Bed is delivering a new level of confidence to its users and peace of mind to their children and caregivers. Clients everywhere are finding they can stay in their own home longer and avoid the pitfalls of assisted care living. They are extending their freedom years beyond what they expected. Not only that but assisted living can cost up to $76,000 per year or more today so there are great savings to be had. Everything you need to provide your loved one’s security, confidence and independence can always be found at Affordable Medical Equipment. For 15 years we have worked on your behalf to discover the best in mobility and mobility assistance products. Today we have the best in lift chairs, stair lifts, VPL’s, incontinence products, wheelchairs, transport chairs, every aid for the bathroom, scooters, powerchairs, walkers and rollators and much more. We love what we do and the people we serve. Come by our office at 1821 Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia, S.C. anytime Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Our phone number is 803-926-2224. Come by and see the Affordable Medical difference.