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Battery-Powered Floor Lifts, 400 Lbs max

A battery powered floor lift is designed to raise patients from a sitting or lying position and transfer them securely. Safety of patients is ensured by slings, straps, easy grip and locking wheels.

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Battery Powered Floor Lift

Battery powered floor lifts are designed to lift and transfer patients securely. A floor lift allows a single caregiver to transfer a patient safely. The lift pulls the patient up and the locking wheels ensure complete safety. Slings and straps are used to support the weight of the patient for a comfortable lift.

The floor lift safely guides bed ridden patients to a stand-up position. It also transfers patients to chair, commode, or wheelchairs with ease. The large, easy to grip handles ensure safety to patients when the lift is raised from lower to higher position.The lift has a precise positioning system to lift, transfer, and position patients with ease.


  • Sturdy steel construction with powder coated finish
  • Enhanced lifting range and versatile design
  • Spreader bar rotates 360ΓΈ and accommodates 2, 4, or 6-point slings
  • Easy grip handles secure patients during lifts
  • Multipurpose utility - lightweight and ergonomic
  • Foot pedal opens legs to accommodate furniture, toilets, etc.
  • Base adjusts to accommodate wheelchairs and patients
  • Easy lift, transfer and positioning of patients
  • Controls are operated by single caregiver
  • Base legs kept low profile to slide under furniture

Lifting and transferring patients is done effortlessly with battery powered floor lifts. The lift is manual or battery power operated with slings and straps to secure patients completely. The wheel base is U-shaped and has braked wheels.

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