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Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift

The Aqua Creek Ranger 2 is perfect for any pool because-

  • ADA Compliant & Sl Safety Certified
  • 350 LBS VERY MAX Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable Base Plate
  • Field reversible
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Powder coat.
  • Factory Limited Five year warranty 
  • Includes 24v rechargeable battery and charger 
  • Made in USA 
  • Color Options for the seat 
  • Solar power upgrade and other accessories 
  • 2-3 weeks to ship out. 
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Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift 

Aqua Creek Ranger Pool Lift Perfect for Small commercial pools or Backyard Pools Ranger 2 features a sleek design and offers effortless independent operation for the user. This non-rotating lift glides you to your destination in a single out- and - down motion. Built with Stainless steel durability and seamless application Ranger 2 offers dependability and security Ranger 2 is an easy solution to your pool needs Complete with flip-up armrest Five year limited Factory warranty Multiple Seat Color Options Ships in 3-4 weeks( Depending on the Season) Made in the USA

Ranger 2 


ADA Compliant & UL Certified 

Holds up to 350 Weight Capacity 

Stable, Non-rotational Design 

Field Reversible

Stainless Steel Construction with Powder Coat Finish 

Limited Five Year Warranty ( Batteries 1 year ) 

Made in U.S.A. 


Ranger 2: The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Pro Pool Series, Ranger™ 2 lift is very affordable and is the perfect choice for most in-ground pools or spas. The Ranger™ 2 can be found in hundreds of hotels and motels as well as backyard pools throughout the world. This is a unique, non-rotating lift that also provides a low profile and small footprint making it an incredibly solid, durable, and reliable product that blends in with almost any décor. Users access their pools sitting in the seat parallel to the lift and side of their pool in a single out-and-down motion. This seating position, and the smooth motion into the pool, gives the user a greater feeling of security.

Ranger 2 Pro Lift Covers 

The Fabric used for all of Aqua Creek's covers is heavyweight polyester. Polyester fabric is durable and breathable. It is soft and dries very fast. It also has good elastic and high waterproof characteristics.  

Our Standard Covers come in Blue, Tan or Gray Color. 

Solar Charging Stations 

Solar Charging stations mount on your lift and provide a constant trickle charge to the battery without the need to remove it for charging daily. Once the Battery reaches a full state of charge, the solar charge station shuts off until more charge is needed. This is a great product to use in outdoor environments with direct sunlight, saving energy while maintaining and extending your battery life. 

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