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Amigo RT Express 3-wheel Mobility Scooter

RT Express Mobility Scooter

  • Infinite seat rotation w/lock
  • Rear drive power 
  • Highly maneuverable 
  • LED headling
  • Large front basket 
  • Optional power elevating seat lift 
  • optional Sabbath mode 
  • Customizable Color Options 
  • Typically ships 10-15 business days
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RT Express Mobility Scooter

The RT Express 3-wheel mobility scooter, from the company that started the mobility scooter industry in 1968, features a sleek and streamlined design. This scooter will fit in most vehicle trucks without the effort of taking it apart! Its smaller wheel width gives great manueverability - even in tight spaces.

The RT Express comes in 2 models - the Standard model and the Deluxe model. The Deluxe model offers all of the following features, plus a rear taillight for greater visibility, a power lift seat for ease in getting on and off the scooter, and the adjustable Touchtron handle for greater ease in manueverability.

Standard Features:

  • Rear Drive
  • For use in Indoor and Outdoor surfaces
  • 360 seat rotation
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Upgrade with Power Elevated Seat
Deluxe Model will come with Elevated power seat, Premier II or Tempress Seat and full light package.

Be sure to ask about the Shabbat option! The Shabbat provides a halachically approved power operated vehicle for people who want to honor the Sabbath. Every Amigo Shabbat unit is individually inspected and certified by a Zomet Institute representative. Halachically approved for use on the Sabbath. A toggle switch changes operation from normal to Shabbat mode.

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Weight Capacity250 LBS or ( 113 KG) 
Basket weight Capacity 10 LBS
Battery CapacityUp to 22 Miles 


Overall width 23.5"
Overall Length 42"
Overall Height 35.5"
Turning Radius 33"

Speeds and Controls 

0-5 MPH variable speed control 
Pull Throttle system for comfort 
Ergonomic oval handle 
Shabbat option available 
Optional Elevated Power Seating 

Warranty Coverage 

  • Structural components- Platform, frame, and lower seat post (NON-PSL) have a limited lifetime warranty of up to 7 years.
  • The main components: controller, charger, motor, powered seat lift, and transaxle have a two-year Warranty. 
  • Seats and other components have a one-year warranty ( cuts and tears in seats are not covered by warranty.
  • Batteries supplied by AMI are warranted for one year.
  • For more warranty information check out the PDF form on the website  or contract Amigo Customer service at 1-800-28-9131 


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